OSHA Releases New Compliance Poster

OSHA is not the only government agency that requires posters to be visible to all employees.  Department of Labor and EEO also have requirements and failure to display proper posters can result in huge fines.  Be sure that your postings are in compliance and visible to your employees.  This can be in a lunchroom or at a time clock area.  The posters can be free from a website or ordered as a laminated group for a charge.  Either way you do it is a LOT less expensive than the fines for non compliance.  Following is a section from Society for Human Resources (SHRM).

OSHA Releases New Compliance Poster By Roy Maurer  5/6/2015Permissions        The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released a new version of its compliance poster, last updated in 2007.OSHA’s compliance poster is free and can be downloaded and printed out. Employers must display the poster in a conspicuous place where workers can see it. Previous versions of the poster do not need to be replaced.The newly designed poster informs workers of their rights to request an OSHA inspection of their workplace, receive information and training on job hazards, report a work-related injury or illness, and raise safety and health concerns with their employer or OSHA without being retaliated against.The poster informs employers of their legal obligation to provide a safe workplace. In addition, it has been updated to include the new reporting obligations for employers, who must now report every fatality and hospitalization, amputation, and loss of an eye. It also informs employers of their responsibilities to train all workers in a language and vocabulary they can understand, comply with OSHA standards, and post citations at or near the place of an alleged violation.Roy Maurer is an online editor/manager for SHRM.Follow him @SHRMRoyQuick Links:SHRM Online Safety & Security page

Source: OSHA Releases New Compliance Poster

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