Republicans Rule All Three (3) Divisions of Government

The 2016 election for President included the majority election of Republican representatives in the House and the Senate. Democrats were able to retain the power to filibuster with their 60 votes in the Senate. The 2018 elections for Senate seats may change that. How does that impact the check and balances that our system depends upon for operation? Let’s take a look at what the Republican Government is projected to change.

According to a SHRM publication, 2016 Post- Election Overview November 15, 2016, high on the Republican agenda is Tax reform, Right To Work legislation, Unemployment reform and the drug testing rights of employers. The projected agenda of the Democrats is Ban the Box, paid leaves, and predictive scheduling.

Right To Work is Union busting as it removes the requirement to belong to the union and to make any dues payment to the union, but still requires the union to represent employees in grievances. Audits show that wages overall are less in Right To Work States.

Ban the Box is removal of the check box for prior convictions on employment applications. Idea is to make a level playing field to eliminate possible rejections when the crime is old or does not impact the job duties.

Paid leaves are required for government employees. Democrats would like for all employees and Republicans would like for the 6 week maternity for only the mother. Many States have already voted paid leaves for all employees in their state and some cities have their own rulings for paid leaves.

Predictive scheduling is a set schedule months out for restaurant employees with fines for changes and cancellations. The Republicans are looking at compensatory time for all employees including non exempt (hourly) employees in place of overtime. This would require tracking and conversion as a comp hour is really time and half so if I have 3 hours of overtime, I have 4.5 hours of comp time. Few salaried (exempt) employees actually get any flexibility or so-called compensatory time.


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