The New I-9 goes into effect January 22, 2017

The Form has just been released and here are some preliminary sites that you can refer to for the form and information. 
Points of Interest:
1) use of Adobe to fill out the form with drop down boxes
2) Still need to print form after completion in order to sign the form and check the box noting whether a translator was used or needed.
3) Do not have to print all of the pages.
4) Form is available in English and Spanish BUT the Spanish form can only be used in Puerto Rico
5) They have made changes in the list of abbreviations and their use
You may only use the old form until 1-22-17. After that date you MUST use the new form.
Access the form at
(Written prior to release of form)

It is illegal to TELL a person which documents to submit for an I-9 verification.

(PDF) lists of acceptable documents

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