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2016 SBA Highlights:

Failure to Record Hours Worked Was Willful FLSA Violation
An employer who failed to keep records of the extended hours worked by an employee willfully violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held in a recent ruling.

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Updates:   NLRB and Non-Union Workers:  The impact of the new ruling affecting the voting process for unionization can be diminished through proper wording in both a company's HANDBOOK and POLICIES.  Along with these safeguards,  SHRM notes that a company cannot be required to provide something it does not have on file (see excerpt below).  Now is the time to have your company's records and procedures evaluated.  NLRB has issued Handbook Guidance for both Union and non-union establishments.

Election Rule

Of course, the new election rule applies to non-unionized work forces, but, by definition, those work forces are the targets of unionization.

The election rule’s requirement that employers provide employees’ personal e-mails and cellphone numbers to unions has proved controversial, but employers don’t have to provide either if they don’t have them, Miscimarra noted in response to a conference attendee’s question.

He said that all the board members were in favor of union elections being resolved in no more than 60 days, and he believed they could be completed in 30 to 35 days.

“A unanimous rule would have generated more support,” he observed. The rule that takes effect April 14 does not actually specify how long or short the election period is to be, Miscimarra pointed out, though some estimate it could be as short as 11 days.

Allen Smith, J.D., is the manager of workplace law content for SHRM. Follow him @SHRMlegaleditor.

- See more at:,%202015&spMailingID=22389506&spUserID=MTAwOTI0MzIxMTk5S0&spJobID=523302183&spReportId=NTIzMzAyMTgzS0#sthash.I51fB0oI.dpuf in a company's handbook and policies.  

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