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Hello- Do you have a small company with at least one employee besides yourself?  I have a message that can help you deal with employment questions.  OK, OK- everyone thinks they have a message and many of them do have messages.  The problem is, does ANYONE want to HEAR their messages?  Do I have a message that anyone, or a relatively high number of people, would be interested in hearing?  I believe I do and I want you to give me an opportunity to respond to your questions and concerns.


So, I detest long winded messages that make you read 5 or more pages before they get to the message and then they try to trick you into signing on or sharing information before they will share what they have been stringing you along to find out. Talk about Long Winded messages!  Therefore, I am going to jump full force and tell you what I think my message can be, and why I think it is worth your time and feedback.  My message is the WORKPLACE.


Now there is a broad subject and this can go in many different directions.  My direction is the inter relationship of worker to employer.  Not just the employee to the immediate supervisor, but the supervisor to the director and the director to the regional director and the regional director to the VP and the VP to the other VP(s) and the VPs to the CEO and the CEO to the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors to the customer and the customer to the – employee.


You see that this is a cycle.  Each of the levels is inter dependent upon the other levels.  It is like a pyramid that cheerleaders build.  Without a good strong and steady foundation, the top person cannot keep their balance and succeed in completing the pyramid.  It requires team development and TRUST that the person on the bottom is going to hold you up.  It requires TRUST that the person on top is going to be a steady, reliable and confident person who can balance themselves and make the pyramid cohesive.  It requires that the people in the middle are able to communicate between the top and the bottom in a reinforcing and encouraging method to readjust the balance as needed.


Yes- I said teamwork.  I know, I know- there are so many programs out there and so much time has been spent on this topic.  That is the problem.  The time has been spent on a program, on a topic, on a process.  NO time has been spent on “Listening” to the various levels of the pyramid.  Instead the time has been spent on “Telling” the various levels how they should think.  How they should behave.  What the company expects of them.  How thankful they should be that they work for a company that thinks so highly of them that it is willing to put out so much time and money to tell them what they need to succeed.  Another word for succeed is “retain” employment.


Lay  offs, unemployment, apprenticeships, wages, benefits, pensions.  These are topics I plan on addressing while we look at the inter- dependent relationship, or should I say the breakdown of the working relationship, in today’s business society.  Business Society:  an Interesting term.  Is business a society in the true sense of the word?  Let’s look at that in the next posting.  For now, I need to HEAR YOUR QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS’


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